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Zincite is a YouTube Network created by Marco of Screenbones and Julian of Seiji. Zincite runs a collection of shows including the following gems:

  • Marco Plays
    • Marco Salin of Screenbones is playing various video games. Usually on Normal difficulties in a casual and conversational way. Oh yeah, Julian is here.
  • Julian Plays
    • Julian Salin of Seiji is playing various video games at the hardest difficulty, skipping tutorials, and one hundred percenting whenever possible. Oh yeah, Marco is here.
  • The Julian Salin Show
    • Julian Salin is just an average American person giving his political opinion. Yes, he’s on the left. Get over it, Ben.
  • Every Episode of Doctor Who Reviewed
    • Julian Salin is a massive fan of Doctor Who. Actually, we all are. He’s just obsessed enough to review every single one.
  • EgoCast
    • Kinda like Screenbones Ego, but a podcast. Marco and Julian will be talking about… well, whenever they want.

Zincite is ultimately funded by you guys over at Patreon. If you like the content we produce, please donate!