Statement: John McCain’s Death

It is true that I did not, and still do not, agree with his politics. He voted for every tax cut for the rich and did not meet a war he didn’t like, not to mention he voted for the unconstitutional Patriot Act. The fact is, he voted in line with Trump 83% of the time. However, none can deny¬† his heroic actions in Vietnam, when he refused to be released from capture in spite of being tortured, unless they released the other prisoners. He also had some good politics in him, such as supporting campaign finance reform and being opposed to torture. John McCain had values, which is more than I can say about the other Republicans, and even of most of the Democrats in office right now. He is someone I can truly respect as a Human Being, and as an American Hero, even if I disagree vehemently in his Politics. Rest in Peace, John McCain.