Tip Me

As a visitor to this website, there are many things you can do to tip me. The money gained from tips would primarily be used to improve this website, such as getting equipment to start up Mechbones shows or picking up a rig to finally start programming some new games. That being said, I am in no obligation to do anything in particular with these tips.

If you wish to send me some money, here are your options:

You can send me fiat money using either PayPal or Google Pay (screenbones.donate@gmail.com).

I also accept money in the form of various Cryptocurrencies. Here are my available wallets:

  • Bitcoin (18u41uyCAP6RgYrm9FgodxDaP8D43f1xnr)
  • Bitcoin Cash (qpg226p2e99mwrps98sggdn2vcn0zc9hhg3jtpsgxx)*
  • Etherium (0xB564E21fAD903c7FF1211e74Fe89381E01cc7027)
  • Etherium Classic (0x512Ced7594247e932014873e0a49B6A01fE03697)*
  • Litecoin (Lg7wRuVT6vi3csnxeAfyn17tyTZRadPBTz)
  • Dogecoin (ABSXdxbeZPMY8SvU68wqnWzmbXGUkfQVia) [Min 1 DOGE]^
  • Dash (Xbp4NKtTFPhj2qocuuwr6Bac36wByJ1yXn) [Min 0.02 DASH]^
  • BitDegree (0xB564E21fAD903c7FF1211e74Fe89381E01cc7027)
  • Enjin Coin (0xB564E21fAD903c7FF1211e74Fe89381E01cc7027)