The Arizona Radical

The Arizona Radical is a Political Endorsement and Sponsorship brand, part of Screenbones Ego. In preparation of the 2020 Election, I am going to let you know just what I am for.

I will only be looking at the ballot for:

4th Congressional District
8th Legislative District
2nd Board of Supervisors District
1st Justice of the Peace District

Please note: The Arizona Radical is not a Political Action Committee, definition being “a political committee organized for the purpose of raising and spending money to elect and defeat candidates”. While The Arizona Radical fits the purpose of a PAC according to this definition, the definition of a Committee is “a group of people appointed for a specific function, typically consisting of members of a larger group”. The Arizona Radical does not fit this definition.

The Arizona Radical is not a group, but rather maintained by a sole proprietor, similar to how Screenbones Ego is ran. The Arizona Radical will never be a group. There is no legal distinction between The Arizona Radical and its operator, and there never will be.


Litmus Test is a set of policies that I look for in determining my support for a candidate. A candidate that fails a litmus test is disqualified from receiving an Endorsement or a Sponsorship. This does not disqualify a candidate from receiving my vote, but only if there is not a candidate that has passed the Litmus Test. Visit the Litmus Test page to learn more.

An Endorsement is an expression of support for any one particular Political Candidate. When a candidate is listed as an endorsed candidate, they are allowed to utilize The Arizona Radical’s logo in their campaign. Visit the Endorsement Page to see who I support.

A Sponsorship is similar to an Endorsement, in that it is an expression of support and the candidate is allowed to use The Arizona Radical’s logo. However, a Sponsorship comes with a donation, meaning I have sent them some amount of money. Visit the Sponsorship Page to see who I have Sponsored and for how much.

Platform is the set of policies that I show public support for and are my voting issues. While the Litmus Test determines who is qualified to receive an Endorsement or a Sponsorship, the Platform determines what policies I am looking for to determine who I am voting for. Visit the Platform page to see my voting issues.

An Agenda is the end goal with my Political Support. This Agenda helps determine what my Platform will be in a given year, given the political atmosphere. These may not be my voting issues in one election, but could become a voting issue in the next. Visit the Agenda page to see what my view of a perfect America and a perfect Arizona would look like.

Please note that my opinions can be changed. They will not be changed with talking points that you see on TV Shows, Podcasts, the Radio, or YouTube, but rather with facts supported by evidence. The best form of evidence is a supermajority consensus among researchers. For example, with 13,950 Peer-Reviewed Climate Articles between 1991-2012, only 24 reject Climate Change. That’s a 99.83% Consensus in support of the fact that Climate Change is a thing. Among others that examined Climate Articles, there is an apparent consensus that’s somewhere in between 91% and 100%, which means at the absolute lowest, there is a supermajority consensus, and at the absolute highest, there is a unanimous consensus. You will not change my mind on Climate Change by showing one study. You’ll have to prove to me this consensus doesn’t exist.