My Technology

  • Laptop: Acer Chromebook R11
  • Smartphone: Apple iPhone 6s (CFC Upgrade: OnePlus 6T)
  • Smartwatch: Rohs Smart Watch (CFC Upgrade: Ticwatch Pro)
  • Smart Speaker: Amazon Echo (CFC Upgrade: Google Home Max)
  • TV: Orion TV with Amazon Fire TV (CFC Upgrade: LG OLED B8)
  • Video Game Console: Nintendo Wii (CFC Upgrade: Nintendo Switch)
  • VR HMD: VRBox Headset (CFC Upgrade: Oculus Go)
  • Headphones: MPow Flame

Smarthome Devices:

  • To Obtain: Philips Hue, Colgate Connected E1, Hidrate Spark 2.0

CFC = Current First Choice, not necessarily to obtain soon, if at all. Wants. Not needs. I know the difference.