It’s time we did something about guns

I am getting sick and tired of writing posts like this nearly every month. There were two prominent mass shootings just this week; One at a school (yet again), and one at a Madden Tournament. This does not happen anywhere else in the worldThis is literally Only In America.

Not a single month with school in session has passed by since the Parkland shooting in which I didn’t hear of a mass shooting. Parkland happened in February. After that, one happened in March, April, May, and now August. None happened in June and July of course, because school wasn’t in session at that point.

Remember the Sandy Hook shooting? This happened December 14, 2012. This led to 28 deaths, including the perpetrator and his Mom. It was done by Adam Lanza with a Bushmaster XM15-E2S Rifle with 10 30-Round Magazines, and a Glock 20SF Handgun. He had mental health issues that led to the mass shooting. Mental health issues that would have prevented his gun purchases if they were detected in the Background Check system. This shooting killed 20 kids between six and seven years old.

After this tragic situation, what has happened? What has been done?


Fast forward to 2018. February 14, 2018, killed 17 people and injured 17 more. The perpetrator was Nickolas Cruz. The weapon was an AR-15, a similar style weapon as the Sandy Hook shooting. Specifically, it was a Smith & Wesson M&P15 Sport 2. Just like the Sandy Hook shooting, Cruz had issues that, had there been an effective Background Check system, would have been prevented.

As a matter of fact, before this shooting happened, the police department has received at least 45 calls in reference to Cruz. You don’t think an effective Background Check system would have caught that? The police department even got a call on February 5th, 9 days before the shooting, that Cruz threatened to shoot up the school. This should have been an immediate red flag that led to his guns being taken, and him sent to a mental health Therapist.

Here’s the thing, I don’t watch Fox News. However, when I heard these numbers, this was a very interesting thing for Fox to report:

  • 91% Approve of Universal Background Checks.
  • 84% Approve of Mental Health Checks.
  • 71% Approve of Raising the Legal Age to 21.
  • 69% Approve of Armed Guards in Schools.
  • 60% Approve of an Assault Weapons Ban.

Where do I stand? Well, it’s on the My Politics page.

Expanded and Improved Universal Background Checks including Mental Health Checks.

  • Expanded – Extend the check to include other relevant issues on one’s record
  • Improved – Fix the flaws currently present in the Background Check system
  • Universal – Required in all 50 states
  • Mental Health Checks – Check for issues with one’s mental health that could pose a danger to the public.

The 2nd Amendment is as reads:

“A Well-Regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the rights of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

It states a well-regulated system is necessary for the security of the United States, and that we can not infringe on one’s right to keep and bear arms.

It does not say we can’t regulate the process of obtaining a weapon, and it does not prevent the country from taking action given reasonable suspicion of one’s danger to the general public.

The government constantly cites “National Security” when violating the constitution. The NSA Spying. Guantanamo Bay. Our gun issue presents a real National Security Risk, yet now people actually care about the highest law of the land?

We don’t have to violate the constitution to implement effective policies targeting the gun issue. Our founding fathers already agreed that the 2nd doesn’t block all forms of gun laws. They implemented gun laws themselves, laws more radical than any of us are asking for, save for the minority population asking for an actual gun ban.

An effective background check system can prevent a large number of shootings from happening. It won’t end gun violence, we know this, but if we can prevent any gun violence, I think it’s an option well worth investigating.

Sandy Hook happened in 2012. It is now 2018. It’s been 6 years. Nothing has been done in that time. Now, the problem has gone worse.

I support March for Our Lives. Victims of a school shooting using their platform to say yes, it is the time to discuss solutions, is very inspiring to me.

As Always,

-Keep Exploring

I’m sick of hearing the “Venezuela” argument.

From: Google Maps

I am getting sick and tired of people pointing to Venezuela when talking about Progressive policies. It’s a very dishonest strawman when we’re not even asking for a Venezuelan system. Venezuelan would be government control of the means of production.

What we’re asking for is simple: Medicare for All, Tuition-Free Public College, a Federal Jobs Guarantee Program, and Universal Public Housing.

Medicare for all would save us between $17 Trillion according to a liberal study, and $2 Trillion according to a conservative study. Not only would it be cheaper, it would also lead to better results, as multiple studies have found. On top of that, private supplemental insurance would still be available to cover whatever the public system doesn’t cover (which, yes, would include some things). If every other developed country can do this, why can’t we? Are we really wasting so much money on offensive wars and defence contracts that this isn’t even possible?

Tuition-Free Public College would simply extend the tuition-free school system that we have with Primary and Secondary School and extend it to Public Colleges. Simple. The point is to get more skilled workers out there to stimulate our economy, after all if you give regular people the chance to really earn money, they will actually use that money. Private Colleges will still exist, as they do with Primary and Secondarys Schools, and the Private Colleges would not be covered with taxpayer money, just as it is with Primary and Secondary Schools. If Slovenia can do it, so can we. If we can afford to increase our military budget by $100 Billion, we can afford to set aside $80 Billion for this program.

A Federal Jobs Guarantee Program will not replace jobs in the Private Sector. Instead, it is a form of a Social Safety Net; they would provide government-contracted jobs and pay the worker the minimum living wage of their county. You would not get a raise in this program, as it’s only meant to pay you enough to survive, and yes, you could get fired if you refuse to do your job. But if you want more money, you would go to the Private Sector, probably after going to College. This would also set the stage for what to do when all our jobs are replaced with automation: Where do people work after that? It’s time we start thinking about what to do when all our jobs are automated.

Universal Public Housing is a new one, but it’s also pretty simple: A 2-Bedroom Apartment provided by the government. Believe it or not, it actually costs more to leave a homeless person on the street than it is to provide them a simple home, so that’s what this program would do. It would be nothing luxurious: 2 Bedrooms, 1 Bathroom, a Livingroom, a Kitchen, and a Dining Room. Basically, a 2-Bedroom Apartment. If you want something better, again, you can turn to the private market.

Notice what all these programs have in common: Not a single one of them fully replaces the private sector. This is the difference between a Scandinavian system and a Venezuelan system: The actual thing we’re asking for is a strong social safety net. I know me personally, I could really use Tuition-Free Public College and a Federal Jobs Guarantee Program. I am glad for Obamacare because without it, my little sister may not actually be here today, but I want it to go further and cover everyone.

I’m personally not looking to move out anytime soon, I want to finish College and get a decent job beforehand, but if there was a need to, Universal Public Housing would be a very helpful program for me.

None of this fully replaces the Private Sector. None of this is Government Control of the means of production. None of this is a Venezuelan system of government.

You got that? If not, well, too bad, because we have the American People on our side. Every one of these programs are popular with the American people.

We can do this. We have the resources. We simply need to stop wasting it on giving more money to the rich and more war, like someone who can’t afford a decent house because they’d rather spend their money on the new iPhone and Netflix.

As Always,

-Keep Exploring

Sean Hannity Attacks Ocasio-Cortez By Presenting Her Platform Riddled with Popular Policies

Hello, all!

I just had to write a post on this because this is absolutely amazing! Sean Hannity of Fox News decided to try an attack Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the Progressive candidate that just won the Democratic Primary in New York, by sharing to his entire audience her platform RIDDLED WITH POLICIES THEY SHOULD LOVE!!!

So let’s sit here and examine the platform that Hannity describes as “downright scary”:

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Arizona Teachers Vote to Strike

Yesterday, teachers voted to perform a state-wide strike on April 26, 2018. This strike is in protest of insufficient funding in the education system here in Arizona, including the low wages the support staff gets.

Our governor did agree to provide a 20% raise by 2020, however giving teachers a raise really does nothing for the students. It doesn’t update their textbooks. It doesn’t repair the buildings. It doesn’t provide better lunches. It doesn’t bring technology to the classroom. It also doesn’t support the school support staff who work hard to keep the school functioning properly.

Being a teacher is one of the most important positions you can have. It’s saddening that those in power refuse to pay them as such. Even many other states have tried to lower the pension their teachers were promised in contracts. Schools in Oklahoma are even using textbooks that claim George W. Bush is the current president, despite 8 years of Obama and now nearly 2 years of Trump. Indeed, the textbooks are at least a decade old. A decade old. Textbooks are typically updated yearly, even if the update is nothing more than rearranging the information.

Public Schools are failing in America. Not because Public Schools don’t work, but because our government, state and federal, refuse to properly fund them. Instead, they want us to utilize standardized testing to determine school funding, causing teachers to teach the test, having students fail the test, causing the school to get less funding, making it harder to even teach the test, leading to more fails on the test… rinse, repeat, and you have what we got today.

But, I guess it should be no surprise. Flint, Michigan still doesn’t have clean water (despite their governor claiming the problem is over), and our infrastructure has a grade of D+. Meanwhile, we keep increasing the military budget by massive proportionate and giving tax cuts, tax breaks, tax loopholes, and even corporate welfare to the rich.