Guns vs Medicine

Our military is praised and given tons and tons of taxpayer money year after year, of which is used to fund our 8 different wars and hundreds of military bases, but almost never increasing the wages of actual soldiers. Conservatives love this. They love the idea of allowing police officers to use their guns against unarmed people without penalties, which is paid for with taxes. They constantly bring up arming teachers to protect students in the classroom, which would be paid for with taxes.

However, they scoff at the idea of using taxpayer funds for healthcare.

The ideas are the same. Save people’s lives. The only difference is the method. The military, police, and teachers are to be given the same tool for saving lives: guns. Healthcare uses a different method: medicine.

But why is it that the idea of using taxpayer money to save people’s lives with medicine is such a controversial idea, whereas using taxpayer money to save people’s lives with guns is just the obvious move?

Why is the idea that something that’s worked in every other first-world country would work in the United States of America considered such an ignorant idea? Are we a third-world nation?

Why are people so willing to allow their taxes to go to killing brown people overseas, but it’s entitled to wish for said taxes to go to saving lives domestically?

How is it that if our current system is $49 Trillion over a decade, and Medicare for All would be $32 Trillion, the Medicare for All System is just too expensive and would require a tax hike?

Why are people so resistant to said tax hike when they would actually net-save money through not having to worry about paying for insurance?

Why is it that comparing America to other first-world nation is a dumb argument, but comparing America to third-world nations, but only to argue against liberal policies, is considered reasonable?

I am convinced that conservatives think we’re a third-world nation. These people hate the idea of bringing policies that have worked in other First-World Nations to America, because of how they didn’t work in Third-World Nations.

If we can have a military budget larger than the next nine countries combined, we can afford to provide medical care to all Americans. All it would take is to cut our military to be larger than just the next six countries combined. Maybe even closing a few hundred of our 800 military bases in more than 70 different countries. Maybe we could use those funds to fund free college.

Oh, wait, funding free college would simply need the economic boom provided by legalizing cannabis, y’know, because we believe in freedom to do what you want so long as it doesn’t hurt another person, but that’s a topic for another day.

All I’m saying is, saving people’s lives with medicine is just as important than doing so with guns, especially in a time in which we really don’t have a major threat.

At least we didn’t, until Trump bombed Syria and pulled out the Iran Nuclear Deal. Russia is not going to like that.

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