Arizona Teachers Vote to Strike

Yesterday, teachers voted to perform a state-wide strike on April 26, 2018. This strike is in protest of insufficient funding in the education system here in Arizona, including the low wages the support staff gets.

Our governor did agree to provide a 20% raise by 2020, however giving teachers a raise really does nothing for the students. It doesn’t update their textbooks. It doesn’t repair the buildings. It doesn’t provide better lunches. It doesn’t bring technology to the classroom. It also doesn’t support the school support staff who work hard to keep the school functioning properly.

Being a teacher is one of the most important positions you can have. It’s saddening that those in power refuse to pay them as such. Even many other states have tried to lower the pension their teachers were promised in contracts. Schools in Oklahoma are even using textbooks that claim George W. Bush is the current president, despite 8 years of Obama and now nearly 2 years of Trump. Indeed, the textbooks are at least a decade old. A decade old. Textbooks are typically updated yearly, even if the update is nothing more than rearranging the information.

Public Schools are failing in America. Not because Public Schools don’t work, but because our government, state and federal, refuse to properly fund them. Instead, they want us to utilize standardized testing to determine school funding, causing teachers to teach the test, having students fail the test, causing the school to get less funding, making it harder to even teach the test, leading to more fails on the test… rinse, repeat, and you have what we got today.

But, I guess it should be no surprise. Flint, Michigan still doesn’t have clean water (despite their governor claiming the problem is over), and our infrastructure has a grade of D+. Meanwhile, we keep increasing the military budget by massive proportionate and giving tax cuts, tax breaks, tax loopholes, and even corporate welfare to the rich.