Welcome to Screenbones!

Box Critters Self

Screenbones is my personal website in which I share my creations that is developed in my free time. I currently have four active projects, as well as involvement with different groups, including Zincite and Safeway.

I am currently working on a big project currently codenamed Project: Aardvark. It is currently slated to be finished at any point before the year 2024. This project is currently being used as a learning opportunity for producing full games in HTML5.

I’ll likely work on smaller projects before then.

I am also a web designer. At the moment, I am strengthening my skills with HTML, PHP, and website designers such as Wix, Google Sites, WordPress, and more. I am looking to eventually work on websites on commission in the future.

Screenbones was inspired by the story of Club Penguin, which was online between 2005 and 2018, though it all started with Snow Blasters and Experimental Penguins back in 1999. Click Here to learn more from Rocketsnail.

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