[Political Post] Transgender Gatekeeping is harmful

Warning: This post contains Political Content, including statements you may disagree with. Understand that I have a generally left-wing bias in the United States of America, and that may show.

Before I begin, let me make clear that I’m going to be discussing two concepts: The notion that you can identify with a gender that’s different from your sex (Transgender) and the notion that there are more than Two Genders (Gender Spectrum). I’m going to discuss controversial positions here and may take positions that you dislike. If you can find numbers for the percentage of people who accept these concepts, send them over.

TL;DR: I reject the notion that believing there are only two genders is Transphobic. The concepts of Transgender and Gender Spectrum are different notions. If you want people to be more accepting of the idea of the Gender Spectrum, you need to learn to argue with facts and logic rather than with insults and false equivalence. Once you start throwing insults, your argument becomes invalid.

I recently ran into a post on Twitter that brought back a conversation that I honestly thought was over a long time ago. You see, back when I was first picking up political opinions, I ran into two concepts, the ones of today’s post. When I learned what a Transgender individual is, I was pretty accepting of the concept from the very beginning. But the Gender Spectrum? That’s one’s a little more tricky.

Belle (@TsunBelle) wrote a post yesterday responding to a user named KEEM (@KEEMSTAR). Back in February he wrote the following post:


By equating sexual orientation with gender identity, he has shown pretty clearly that he really doesn’t understand just what these concepts are in the first place. When someone tried to explain to him the difference between “Sex” and “Gender”, he had this to say:


He would later write the following pro-trans post:


However, in response to this, Belle made the following point:


This really confuses me. Back in February, he wrote a post rejecting the notion of a Gender Spectrum, but he didn’t say anything about those who are Transgender. And it hit me.

Belle is doing the same thing Keem did.

You see, “Transgender” and “Gender Spectrum” are two different concepts. But in this post, these two were equated into one, just like how Keem equated “Sexual Orientation” with “Gender Identity”. According to Belle, you can’t accept the Transgender Notion without accepting the Gender Spectrum Notion.

This is called Gatekeeping. And it’s very dangerous.

Remember what I said earlier? When I learned what being Transgender is, I was immediately accepting of the concept. But when I heard about the Gender Spectrum, I wasn’t so sure.

I reject the notion even today.

But what would happen if I had to accept both in order to accept one? Understand that I was slightly right-wing at the time. This would have put me off, because I would have had to accept a notion that I ended up rejecting in order to accept a notion that was far easier to capture.

In this case, Keem accepts the notion of Transgender individuals, but he rejects the notion of a Gender Spectrum. You can’t equate the two because they are different concepts. More so, the notion of a Gender Spectrum is simply further left than the notion of Transgender Individuals.

Imagine if I said in order to accept the notion that Hassan Rouhani is a bad person, you also have to accept the notion that we should go to war with Iran. One of these concepts is easy to grasp, but the other needs more sway. But then I turn around and say that if you don’t think we should go to war with Iran, then you must think Rouhani is a good person. You’re an apologist!!!

See how dumb that sounds?

I’m sorry, but I fundamentally reject the notion that believing there are only two genders means you must be Transphobic. As said earlier, this is called Gatekeeping, and it’s fundamentally harmful to the entire concept of Transgender individuals. People don’t learn more or become accepting of certain concepts by being insulted for having a differing opinion, or even by being insulted for being Factually Wrong. This only serves to strengthen their position because doing this shows them that you can’t argue for your position with facts and logic.

Once you start throwing insults, your argument becomes invalid.

Go ahead and try to change my mind on the concept of the Gender Spectrum. But try doing so with facts and logic, and refrain from using Logical Fallacies (see here). You might actually get somewhere.

As Always,

-Keep Exploring

And FYI, the following Fallacies were used by Belle: Ad Hominem and False Equivalence. The Fallacies used by Keem is False Equivalence and Personal Incredulity. Both Belle and Keem used Insults in place of Arguments.