Project Aardvark to be Redone

Hey all,

So, I have been working on Project: Aardvark for some time, and the ideas have just kept coming for what I want to do with it. Today, I have a nearly-complete framework for the ideal release, and it’s simply no longer realistic to get it done with Scratch.

Because of this, I am completely redoing this project from the beginning, this time using HTML5 to accomplish my goals. I can’t give an estimate as to when the first experiment will be coming out, but I hope to release this game within the next 5 years.

The reason as to why it’s become unrealistic is simple: The game will be too large for Scratch, will have a “Save-Game” feature, and, as a stretch goal, may even allow for multiple players to play together. While many of the features I want is “possible” to do in Scratch, it would likely be easier to use something like HTML5 to make it work.

While I’m doing this, I have additional goals in mind:

  • Strengthening my HTML skills and entering into HTML5
  • Gaining a moderate skill in drawing
  • Producing a game that could theoretically earn me an income (more on that eventually)

If all goes well, I might even be able to give this game it’s own website. All this to be accomplished by 2024 at the latest. Hopefully¬†much, much sooner.

I hope to return with great news on this front in the future!

As always,

-Keep Exploring