Screenbones Monthly Report #0002 – November 7, 2018

Hello, all!

Time for the second Monthly Report for Screenbones. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot to talk about, however here’s how things are looking:

The Ego Project

Last month, I posted 2 opinions on Screenbones Ego. Expect to see a few more rants come November.

The PorkBone Project

I revisited The PorkBone Tower recently, and managed to lower the deficit from $1,261.92 to $168.82. The most likely scenario is I’ll explore the Intel Core i3 and an older GPU. After which, it’ll be research time for each individual component.

The Lions Project

As always, I am keeping this website updated. There really isn’t anything special to report. The San Tan Lions Club does not sponsor or endorse Screenbones or any part of Screenbones.

The Mineral Project

Let’s just say… we’re working on it.

As I said, nothing special here, and there probably won’t be much special in the next report. 2019 is when things will start to get interesting, to be honest.