Made By Google Event

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Today, I’m going to talk a bit about the things revealed at the Made By Google event, mostly my first impressions, and which products I’m gonna consider saving up some money for.

Oh yeah, they brought up the fact that the Pixel 3 leaked. Lol.


Google Home Hub

Price: $149

My Thoughts: As I figured, this is a product I’m actually interested in. I was interested in the Echo Show when it released, and later the Echo Spot. Because I want to use Google Assistant, I was looking at the Lenovo Smart Display, but now I may actually save my money for the Google Home Hub. Sure, it doesn’t have a camera, but I don’t really use Google Duo that much anyways, since my family aren’t really on board with it. The Lenovo Smart Display is $200, which means I’ll be saving $51 by going for a Smart Display without a built-in camera. Plus, this comes with 6 months of YouTube Premium, meaning I’ll end up saving $72 for a service I already plan on subscribing to. This means a savings of $123 for products/services I already planned on getting. All in all, this seems like the perfect device to replace my Amazon Echo, and send me on a path of integrating with Google Assistant.

Interest Level: CFC Smart Speaker

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Pixel Slate

Price: $599; $199 Keyboard; $99 Pen

My Thoughts: Like the Pixelbook, I’m have a hard time justifying this kind of purchase for myself. At first, I figured this would be a great tablet for my little sister, but she already has 3 tablets, and the Android experience on her newest one is pretty much good enough for someone her age. The Linux App Support seems like something I could find useful, but the apps I would use aren’t on the Linux Platform, and even if it was, there’s no way Premiere Pro would run well on a $599 tablet, and forget about gaming. On top of that, it comes with a steep price for the Keyboard and the Pen. It also comes with 3 months of YouTube TV, however that’s $120, which means my personal use case (Tablet and Keyboard) would cost me $798, $678 more than if I just got YouTube TV and watched it on my Acer Chromebook R11 I already have. That being said, unlike the Pixelbook, I can actually see who this is for. Because it comes with support for Linux Apps, it’s easy to see how people who need a productivity powerhouse can find this device to be useful, with YouTube TV as a bonus. If I didn’t already have a Chromebook, or really any kind of laptop, this would be much easier to justify.

Interest Level: Neat, but not for me


Pixel 3

Price: $799; $79 Pixel Stand

My Thoughts: For once, we get a new flagship that doesn’t cost $1000, and actually fits in to the price point that I actually believe a flagship should stand. This device has a whole bunch of small changes that brings a device that’s honestly better than the iPhone 6s I currently use. On top of that, it comes with 6 months of YouTube Music, which is $60. I personally plan on going for the whole Premium package, but for someone who wants a great phone with a great music experience, you can’t go wrong with this device. If it wasn’t for the imminent OnePlus 6T, along with where I am financially, this would be an easy sell. I love how the Pixel 3 turns into a nightstand with the Pixel Stand, which is exactly what I want my smartphone to do!

Interest Level: CFC Smartphone

Final Thoughts

I think today’s Made By Google event was very good. They finally entered the Smart Display Market, got a Chrome OS Device that actually makes sense, and a great follow-up to a great smartphone.

That being said, there are a few things I found that are missing. The first obvious thing is the fact that the Chromecast has actually been refreshed with a 3rd Generation Model. Of course, there really isn’t much to talk about here, which is why it sort of makes sense.

However, what about a Pixel Watch? That didn’t happen, which was pretty disappointing. An Android TV set-top box or dongle? Nope. It would also have been nice to get a little preview of their upcoming Cloud-Based Video Game Console, even if just to create some hype. What about a Nest Light Bulb? That would have been cool to see. An Android Auto Dashboard? A Chromebit? Chromebox? Chromebase?

All of these would be cool to see, however it was really the Pixel Watch and an Android TV device that was missing from the show. Google still has yet to bring in their own addition to the Wear OS and Android TV market, both of which need to be sparked up. Until then, I’m just gonna keep the TicWatch Pro and NVIDIA Shield TV as my CFC items.

In any case, now I’m looking forward to the up and coming OnePlus 6T event. Will it shake the Pixel 3 off my CFC Smartphone selection?


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