Screenbones Monthly Report #0001 – October 1, 2018

Hello, all!

Today, I am writing the first of a set of monthly reports. With these, I will describe what I am presently working on, and the progress being made on it. These posts will be written on the First Monday of each month.

So, here we go:

The Ego Project

Screenbones Ego is a blog in which I write pretty much what is on my mind at the moment. Presently, there are 24 Screenbones Ego posts. There are two Screenbones Ego series: “An Open Letter” and “My Free Trial”. There are three Open Letters in the works, for Disney, TYT, and Rocketsnail respectively. I have also grabbed a 30-day Free Trial of VRV Premium, of which you will see a post at the end of October.

There are two Ego Series currently swimming in my brain: Storiely, which will tell the story of certain companies or people, and Egocast, a podcast that I will be producing with Julian Salin. More details will be coming up for these ideas later.

The PorkBone Project

The PorkBone Tower is a Gaming PC that I am currently working on building. It will be used for gaming, video editing, and programming. The budget goal is $1,200, however with the current selection of hardware, the price is $2,461.92. At the moment, research is being conducted to select lower-cost hardware that can still produce the performance needed to do what I want it to do.

The Lions Project

I am a member of the San Tan Lions Club, a community service organization primarily focused on vision. I am currently working on our online presence to increase awareness of this club’s existence and get more members to join. At the moment, the website is mostly complete and ready for advertising in my area. The San Tan Lions Club does not sponsor or endorse Screenbones or any part of Screenbones.

And there we go, the first of a series of Monthly Reports. If you feel there is too much or not enough information, let me know. There will be more projects to share in these reports in the future.

As Always,

-Keep Exploring