Club Penguin Island is Shutting Down

On December 22, 2010, I registered for a special virtual world. That Virtual World was called Club Penguin.

It was the Holiday Party 2010. I explored the island, checked out what I could do, played some of the minigames… and I was hooked.

On January 29, 2011, I launched my first game. It was a short one, but those of you who know the story of Club Penguin will recognize the influence that led to this game:

You see, since joining Club Penguin, I have done a lot of Googling on it. Of course, at the time, I used Google a lot, but a name popped up that I found really cool: Penguin Chat. When I learned of this game, I wanted to create a game like it.

On February 20, 2011, the Puffle Party came on. I was so excited for this party, that I created a whole video on it, just fanboying over it.

Over the course of this time, I continued to learn the story of Club Penguin and Penguin Chat: Who Rocketsnail is, what he created, his inspiration… it’s an amazing story that really deserves a documentary, very, very inspiring.

In fact, I was inspired to become a creator myself, so later that year I launched my new website: Screenbones.

At the time, it was very, very simple. Just two clip art pieces, a text field, and two buttons, one leading to a page introducing the website, the other leading to my first game: Good Dawg. A game that… I don’t think is available anymore, I can’t find it.

I would soon continue work on Screenbones, using Wix as the builder for the website. At the time, Wix actually had a pretty decent website builder that worked through Flash, as this was in that era. Eventually, I would leave Wix, on a constant search for the best way to build this website.

On July 30, 2011, would officially become my official domain for my website.

As you can see, Club Penguin has become a very important part of my life. It serves as the inspiration for me to become a creator. In just 7 months, it has led me to make a decision that would change the course of my life forever.

And now, it saddens me to hear that it’s all coming to an end. Club Penguin Classic shut down March 30, 2017 in favor of this new and improved Club Penguin Island.

And Disney is now shutting that down.

To me, this is not just the case of my childhood going away. I have seen many things come and go over the years: Space Heroes Universe, Pandanda, iGoogle, Woogi World… but this one, Club Penguin, hits me harder than anything else out there.

Club Penguin is a name that really defines the start of Screenbones, and it still has its influences today. I still plan to start a virtual world similar to how Club Penguin looked and felt. The layout to this website has hints of Rocketsnail’s old website. I am still waiting for his new Box Critters world, as well.

It’s sad to see it go the way it is. Disney blindsighted the creators with this news, after promising them two more years of a job. Club Penguin Island is going away, and it doesn’t seem it’s coming back in any form. Disney is officially killing the Club Penguin Brand, a brand that, given some love, could have returned to being their most profitable game ever.

Club Penguin died to corporate greed. And it’s all Disney’s fault.

As Always,

-Keep Exploring