It’s time we did something about guns

I am getting sick and tired of writing posts like this nearly every month. There were two prominent mass shootings just this week; One at a school (yet again), and one at a Madden Tournament. This does not happen anywhere else in the worldThis is literally Only In America.

Not a single month with school in session has passed by since the Parkland shooting in which I didn’t hear of a mass shooting. Parkland happened in February. After that, one happened in March, April, May, and now August. None happened in June and July of course, because school wasn’t in session at that point.

Remember the Sandy Hook shooting? This happened December 14, 2012. This led to 28 deaths, including the perpetrator and his Mom. It was done by Adam Lanza with a Bushmaster XM15-E2S Rifle with 10 30-Round Magazines, and a Glock 20SF Handgun. He had mental health issues that led to the mass shooting. Mental health issues that would have prevented his gun purchases if they were detected in the Background Check system. This shooting killed 20 kids between six and seven years old.

After this tragic situation, what has happened? What has been done?


Fast forward to 2018. February 14, 2018, killed 17 people and injured 17 more. The perpetrator was Nickolas Cruz. The weapon was an AR-15, a similar style weapon as the Sandy Hook shooting. Specifically, it was a Smith & Wesson M&P15 Sport 2. Just like the Sandy Hook shooting, Cruz had issues that, had there been an effective Background Check system, would have been prevented.

As a matter of fact, before this shooting happened, the police department has received at least 45 calls in reference to Cruz. You don’t think an effective Background Check system would have caught that? The police department even got a call on February 5th, 9 days before the shooting, that Cruz threatened to shoot up the school. This should have been an immediate red flag that led to his guns being taken, and him sent to a mental health Therapist.

Here’s the thing, I don’t watch Fox News. However, when I heard these numbers, this was a very interesting thing for Fox to report:

  • 91% Approve of Universal Background Checks.
  • 84% Approve of Mental Health Checks.
  • 71% Approve of Raising the Legal Age to 21.
  • 69% Approve of Armed Guards in Schools.
  • 60% Approve of an Assault Weapons Ban.

Where do I stand? Well, it’s on the My Politics page.

Expanded and Improved Universal Background Checks including Mental Health Checks.

  • Expanded – Extend the check to include other relevant issues on one’s record
  • Improved – Fix the flaws currently present in the Background Check system
  • Universal – Required in all 50 states
  • Mental Health Checks – Check for issues with one’s mental health that could pose a danger to the public.

The 2nd Amendment is as reads:

“A Well-Regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the rights of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

It states a well-regulated system is necessary for the security of the United States, and that we can not infringe on one’s right to keep and bear arms.

It does not say we can’t regulate the process of obtaining a weapon, and it does not prevent the country from taking action given reasonable suspicion of one’s danger to the general public.

The government constantly cites “National Security” when violating the constitution. The NSA Spying. Guantanamo Bay. Our gun issue presents a real National Security Risk, yet now people actually care about the highest law of the land?

We don’t have to violate the constitution to implement effective policies targeting the gun issue. Our founding fathers already agreed that the 2nd doesn’t block all forms of gun laws. They implemented gun laws themselves, laws more radical than any of us are asking for, save for the minority population asking for an actual gun ban.

An effective background check system can prevent a large number of shootings from happening. It won’t end gun violence, we know this, but if we can prevent any gun violence, I think it’s an option well worth investigating.

Sandy Hook happened in 2012. It is now 2018. It’s been 6 years. Nothing has been done in that time. Now, the problem has gone worse.

I support March for Our Lives. Victims of a school shooting using their platform to say yes, it is the time to discuss solutions, is very inspiring to me.

As Always,

-Keep Exploring