YouTube competitors exist. Can we start uploading to them?

Hello, all.

I am getting sick of YouTube’s behavior. Their copyright system places all the power in the accuser, and they’ve been deplatforming and demonetizing creators since the AdPocalypse event that happened in 2017. It’s not just political talk shows, either, but also channels that review TV Shows or Movies, and even Anime channels like Lost Pause, who got deleted twice on the basis of Spam… marking a completely unique video as Spam. Yeah, Noble got pretty angry.

It’s time for a competitor. The question is: Who will replace YouTube.

Y’all need to realize… the one that replaces YouTube is highly dependant on you guys.

The reason networks like Dailymotion and Vimeo aren’t viable replacements is not because they’re just bad websites. It’s because nobody is uploading to them. And this is true for literally every other platform, including a new one called BitTube.

The thing is, if you want another network to become viable, you have to upload to it.

The sad thing is… nobody really does this. Pretty much every channel I watch uploads exclusively to YouTube. The reason for this likely has to do with the fact that all the viewers are on YouTube… and that’s because the creators are uploading exclusively to YouTube.

So here’s the proposal: Anyone who is uploading to YouTube needs to find another platform to upload to, at the same time. The more YouTubers that do this, the more people would be willing to try out the other services.

On the other hand, people would like a single service to view all their content on. This can also be solved: Someone needs to build a website that brings all these platforms together in one spot, and can accept channel feeds through RSS.

Similar to how Podcasts work.

Once this happens, YouTube would be forced to actually become a good website to share and watch videos on. Because at that point, they can no longer rely on the fact that all the creators are on their platform… because they won’t be.

Someone should write a whitepaper on a “Video Podcast” kind of system. Maybe I should?

I know Video Podcasts do exist, but they’re not as huge as audio podcasts, and we’d honestly need a unique system for them to be viable to replace YouTube.

As Always,

-Keep Exploring