Why is Konosuba so fun?

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It’s been a long time since I last watched anime. I think the last anime I sat down and watched was one called Anonymous Noise, which, by the way, I recommend you watch. It’s on Amazon Prime.

But recently I decided to sit down and watch some anime, since YouTube really is starting to get boring… and it was totally worth it.

For those of you who don’t know, Konosuba is a fantasy anime that stars a character named Kazuma. He was a massive gamer before he died and was sent to the afterlife. Aqua, the goddess of Water, offers him a choice: He could go to heaven, or to a MMO-like world which is in danger of being destroyed by someone called the “Demon King”. He can pick one thing to bring with him, an ultra-powerful weapon, but decides to pick Aqua, which is apparently legal.

In order to complete the goal, they decide to put together a party. The ones who join him is Megumin, a super powerful mage who can only use Explosions, and Darkness, a knight who also manages to be a masochist.

Did I mention this is a comedy?

This was a pretty fun series, though I would warn against allowing just anyone under 16 to watch. Parents, your guidance is recommended. It doesn’t visually show anything bad, but the jokes made aren’t child-friendly jokes by any means.

Now, you would think Aqua, being a goddess, would be the perfect choice to make in completing this goal, but… nope. She is totally useless in this world. Seriously, the kinds of things you see her doing is pathetic when you realize she is a literal goddess.

Then there comes Megumin. Sure, she has the most powerful spell in this world, but she literally can only use it once. She refuses to learn anything else in the process. (However, she is a straight-shooter in nearly everything else).

Darkness sends herself to the front lines, but not because she’s brave or anything like that. She’s a masochist. She goes to the front lines because she gets pleasure in pain.

Kazuma is pretty much the only real straight-shooter when it comes to missions and combat. He selects his skills based off what he thinks will be useful, and tries to set out strategies for completing missions. He also will shut down missions he believes the party can’t complete.

That being said, his personality isn’t very pure. When he was taught his first skill, steal, he used it on his trainer to steal something she would not want taken from her. This is one of those jokes that aren’t kid-friendly. He also used Steal on Megumin. (I still have no idea how Kazuma and Megumin are good friends)

If you’re looking for something pretty fun to watch, I would most definitely recommend Konosuba. Parental Guidance is recommended for this show. Konosuba is available subbed on VRV through Crunchyroll. It’s ad-supported, so you don’t have to pay anything, but if you like it, you can purchase VRV Premium for $9.99, with a 30-Day Free Trial.

Next up, I’m watching Assassination Classroom.