Sean Hannity Attacks Ocasio-Cortez By Presenting Her Platform Riddled with Popular Policies

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I just had to write a post on this because this is absolutely amazing! Sean Hannity of Fox News decided to try an attack Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the Progressive candidate that just won the Democratic Primary in New York, by sharing to his entire audience her platform RIDDLED WITH POLICIES THEY SHOULD LOVE!!!

So let’s sit here and examine the platform that Hannity describes as “downright scary”:

Medicare for All

Medicare for All is what Medicare was originally meant to be: A healthcare system that covers everyone. It costs $32 Trillion over 10 years whereas our current system costs $49 Trillion, the amount of people that dies due to lack of healthcare goes down from thousands to zero, everyone net saves money even with a tax increase, and we’re the only developed country in the entire world who doesn’t have a system like this.

What exactly is there to dislike about this policy?

Housing as a Human Right

This may sound like a silly policy at face value, however, it’s actually a surprisingly good one. Turns out if we gave everyone a two-bedroom apartment, it would actually cost less than if we left them on the street. If we gave them Wi-Fi, they can apply for jobs that only have online applications (of which the amount continues to increase), and they can have a phone number on a landline phone. The point is, this policy isn’t meant to give everyone a large, luxurious house, but rather the bare minimum to be able to start a job hunt and focus on the job hunt. We would still have a private housing market for people who can actually afford a nicer house.

What exactly is there to dislike about this policy?

A Federal Jobs Guarantee

Y’know, one of the most common promises from the Republican Party is Jobs. Jobs, Jobs, Jobs. Now that the Left-Wing has a solution to the problem of jobs, all of a sudden the Right Wing is supposed to be against it? Why? This is a solution to the problem that YOU GUYS CONSTANTLY talk about, and instead of seeing the policy and discussing the best way to apply it and fund it, the Right Wing wants to say it’s a bad thing.

Saying this is a bad thing just flies in the face of what the Right Wing is supposed to be about.

What exactly is there to dislike about this policy?

Gun Control/Assault Weapons Ban

This is about one of the only two policies that Sean Hannity should actually be discussing. Despite the fact that every other developed country has shown to us that it works, the Right Wing wants to continue to claim it doesn’t and blame Video Games and Bullying. Oh yeah, and Doors. DOOR CONTROL!!

On top of all that, according to Fox News themselves, Gun Control is actually pretty popular. According to Fox News themselves, their own audience, Universal Background Checks has a 91% Approval Rating, Mental Health Checks is 84%, Minimum Legal Age to Buy a Firearm to 21 at 72%, Armed Guards in School at 69%, and an Assault Weapon Ban at 60%.

Turns out his audience actually DOES want Gun Control. And it makes sense. We keep getting mass shooting after mass shooting, we have the highest amount of gun deaths in the developed world by a mile and a half, and everyone else solved this problem by implementing… Gun Control. We’re simply looking to other fellow developed country for ideas, and these are the ones that have been shown to work.

For crying out loud, our Founding Fathers implemented Gun Control in the beginning of our nation, and it was MORE hawkish than what we’re asking for! You literally had to pledge loyalty to this nation to be allowed to purchase a gun! It’s almost like that “Well-Regulated Militia” part, the three words the 2nd Amendment starts with, is actually important.

Now, knowing all this, let me ask you…

What exactly is there to dislike about this policy?

Criminal Justice Reform, End Private Prisons

I don’t get why this would be a scary policy… private prisons constantly perform 8th Amendment violations, they fail to provide their prisoners’ healthcare, some even feed their prisoners’ rotten food… it’s a simple fact that prisons should not be in the For-Profit Private Sector.

Some prisons keep prisoners in custody past their sentence because it’s in their financial interest to do so: They get paid more money the more prisoners there are.

What exactly is there to dislike about this policy?

Immigration Justice/Abolish ICE

The Trump Administration just enforced a policy of separating children from their families, and Donald Trump is now talking about deporting immigrants WITHOUT DUE PROCESS (For one, Unconstitutional… For two, how do we know their illegal immigrants without due process, when due process is there TO MAKE SURE WE GOT THE RIGHT PERSON), how in the world can anyone be against Immigration Justice?

Did you know ICE was formed in 2003? What exactly did we do about illegal immigrants before then? Whatever we did, it seems to have worked fine for nearly our entire history. ICE isn’t even part of the Department of Justice, they were placed under the Department of Homeland Security, meaning this organization is meant to treat every single immigrant as terrorists.

Simply put, we don’t have an immigration problem, and even if we did ICE isn’t the solution. Treating every immigrant as rapists and terrorists is not the solution. It flies in the face of what America is about.

But you know what? I will say this… this is about the only policy on this list that Sean can actually use against Ocasio-Cortez, considering this is the only thing there that would be unpopular amongst the right wing.

Solidarity with Puerto Rico

Now hold on a second… you mean to tell me treating American Citizens as American Citizens is a terrible policy? Who in their right mind would be against this? For crying out loud, they actually want to become a state! They could be our 51st state!

So why wouldn’t we do that? Why would we want to treat them as second-class citizens? Could it be…

Oh right. Brown Skin.


What exactly is there to dislike about this policy?

Mobilizing Against Climate Change

Between 1991 and 2012, there were 13,950 peer-reviewed studies on Climate Change. Only 24 of them reject it. That’s less than 1/5th of 1% of studies.

Why would this be? Well, simply put, because Climate Change is indeed happening, and Human Beings are indeed causing it.

Throughout the years, scientists studying climate change have been coming up with “Worst-Case Scenarios” for what could happen if we keep going the way we’ve been. Guess what? Every year, we actually get worst than the worst-case scenario. Every year.

If we want our grandchildren to survive, it’s a pretty basic fact that we need to mobilize against climate change. We are literally the only country in the entire world that isn’t part of the Paris Climate Agreement. Literally. There is literally not a single other country that isn’t a part of this. This is not hyperbole. This is a fact. We are literally the only one.

What exactly is there to dislike about this policy?

Clean Campaign Finance

Do you know what this means? This means ending corruption. Clean Campaign Finance means no private financing of elections.

Now I see why Sean Hannity sees her as downright scary. If we get rid of this policy, large corporations will no longer have disproportionately more power than the average person. This means the average American citizen has a say in politics.

So, for the average American citizen…

What exactly is there to dislike about this policy?

Higher Education for All

If you’re the kind of person who asks how we would pay for this system, know this… if we took the military budget increase from last year to this (which, by the way, is larger than Russia’s entire military budget) and used it to fund Higher Education for All, we would easily be able to do so with $10 Billion to spare. This isn’t an issue of lack of funding, it’s an issue of priorities. We can pay for this.

The only way you could be against this is if you’re against allowing people to go to school without having to deal with lifelong debt that they can’t even declare bankruptcy on.

We’ve been able to pay for Elementary and High School for every American Citizen for years now. The only problem we have with our current system is lack of funding… not because we don’t have the funds, but because the government keeps cutting it to fund Wall Street, Tax Cuts for the Rich, and our bloated military.

We can have a good Public Education System. We just need to get our priorities straight. Simply put, if we do this, the system pays for itself with more skilled workers getting higher salaries paying more taxes by virtue of the fact that they have higher salaries.

What exactly is there to dislike about this policy?

Women’s Rights

I’m sorry, this is scary? What, are you sexist or something?

Support LGBTQIA+

I’m sorry, this is scary? Why?

Support Seniors

Dude… your audience is mostly seniors. You just angered most of your audience. What, are you against retirement?

Curb Wall Street Gambling: Restore Glass Steagall

For those of you who don’t know, Glass Steagall is a policy that was implemented during the Great Depression. Simply put, it banned banks from using YOUR money to do high-risk gambling. This was one of many factors that caused the Great Depression. And now Sean wants you to think this is scary? Really, telling banks they can’t gamble with the customer’s money is scary?

What exactly is there to dislike about this policy?

So, I think I made my point. You all have to realize, the reason Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez won was because of her policies. Not because she’s latina, not because she’s a woman, but because her policies are actually popular. The fact is our center is the rest of the world’s right-wing, and our right-wing is the rest of the world’s far-right. Our left-wing is the rest of the world’s center. Our politics, for years, has been moving more and more to the right, to the point at which people hate our politicians. Why? They don’t represent us. When people go to the polls, they find themselves voting for the lesser of two evils. That’s why many people have stopped voting.

Many of the people who voted for Ocasio-Cortez were those who haven’t voted in a long time. They haven’t voted because they didn’t have the option of someone who will represent them. Now they do.

The Progressive Wave is coming. Watch out.

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