I want new tech

Hello, all!

I am a massive fan of technology. I follow YouTube Channels such as Technobuffalo, Unbox Therapy, EverythingApplePro, TechQuickie, Linus Tech Tips, and soon resubscribing to The Ben Heck Show.

However, in terms of the tech I actually have… comprises of a Dell Latitude 3340 that my school issued me (and will soon be taking), an iPhone 6S that I got from my sister, a cheap Smartwatch that I don’t even wear anymore, An Amazon Echo Dot that I gave to my little sister, A 6-year-old desktop computer that I stopped using as a result of it being too slow, An Amazon Fire TV Stick which… is actually very good, though occasionally slow, a Nintendo Entertainment System (primarily) for gaming (I do have a Wii and Nintendo 64, but I don’t have many games for the N64 and the Wii is for emulation), and a Google Cardboard headset for Virtual Reality.

Given my spot, I do wish to get an upgrade on practically every front. Yes, I can live with what I got, and the upgrades are simply a want, not a need. Regardless, I’ve done some looking around and determined, finally, what I wish to obtain.

And here it is:

  • A Surface Pro for my laptop, with a Type Cover and Surface Pen, for taking notes when I go to College.
    • A Pixelbook or other Chromebooks would also be nice.
  • A Samsung Galaxy S9 for my Smartphones, for reasons I hope is obvious to anyone who follows tech.
    • A Pixel 2 or OnePlus 5T would also be nice.
  • A Huawei Watch 2 Sport for my Smartwatch, mainly for easy access to Google Assistant and notifications (as well as, obviously, the time).
    • An LG Watch Urbane would also be nice.
  • A Google Home Max for my Smart Speaker, replacing my dumb speaker plugged into my TV.
    • A Googe Home Mini would also be nice.
  • An Alienware Area 51 for my Desktop.
    • I can also use the Surface Dock to use my Surface Pro as a desktop, though not for gaming.
  • An NVIDIA Shield for my TV.
    • I can keep my Amazon Fire TV, it’s already a nice device.
  • A Nintendo Switch for Video Games.
    • I also would like to upgrade to the New Nintendo 3DS.
  • A HTC Vive for Virtual Reality.
    • An Oculus Rift would also be nice. Not applicable if I can’t get a Gaming PC.

One main thing I wish to get out of this is a deep integration with Google Assistant. The Samsung GS9 has Google Assistant, the Huawei Watch has Google Assistant, the Google Home is a Google Assistant device, and the NVIDIA Shield has Google Assistant.

The only reason I don’t pick up a Chromebook for my laptop is an uncertainty of if I can work with my primarily Microsoft Office college using a Chromebook, but I may change my mind to using a Pixelbook or a Dell or Samsung Chromebook. Although, only the Pixelbook has Google Assistant at this time, leading me to lean closer to that.

I’m definitely not using a Chromebox, though. The desktop is for gaming. That’s why I’m wanting an Alienware.

Keep in mind, these are wants. Not demands. This is a wish list.

What do you think? Is this a decent setup? Please note, too, that this lineup may change over time… it would take me months to meet this if I meet it at all. This is just my current wants.